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Chérimont Shooting School

Whether you are alone or in a group, an experienced shooter with your own weapon and license or a neophyte wishing to try clays shooting for the first time, the Chérimont Shooting School is adapted to all levels of experience and offers a wide range of courses for adults and juniors from 16 years old (14 years old for Olympic disciplines).

Join us equipped with comfortable clothes (as for a casual walk in the country), and we will take care of the rest: rifle (unless you already have one), cartridges, clays, earplugs (glasses to be provided by you).

Our professional and experienced instructors of the Chérimont Shooting School will show you how to handle a shotgun safely and accurately. Lessons are tailored to the abilities of each individual for a rewarding, memorable and fun experience.

The clays shooting is also appreciated by the juniors and the ladies. For more comfort, we have adapted and light guns, as well as cartridges with less noise and low recoil.

Discovery / Initiation

It's your first time, go for a discovery package including :

  • 25, 50, 75 or 100 cartridges per person (choice of formulas - see rates)
  • The assistance of a certified instructor
  • An introductory lesson in clayshooting (clay pigeons)
  • The material (rifle, cartridges and caps)

Duration of the formula : 30 minutes to ...
Maximum number of people: 10

Reservation required - Please arrive 15' before departure time


Use our experienced instructors to improve or perfect your skills in order to :
  • Prepare for the hunting exam or the hunting season
  • Prepare for the entrance exam to the Adeps Shooting Instructor courses
  • Preparing for the Shooter's License Examination
  • Preparing for a competition
  • Or simply to improve your skills in the disciplines of Hunting Course, Compak Sporting or Skeet.

Duration of the formula: 1 to 5 hours
Maximum number of people : 4

Reservation required - Please arrive 15' before departure time

Private lessons with Véronique Girardet

With her impressive track record, Véronique Girardet is considered the best shooter in the world!

  • 6 x World Champion of Hunting Course
  • 11 x European Champion in Hunting Course and Compak Sporting
  • Olympic Skeet World Champion
  • World Recordwoman in Olympic Skeet
  • 2 participations in the Olympic Games, in 2008 (Beijing) and 2012 (London)
More info

Four to five times a year, Véronique Girardet honors us by coming to share her experience, know-how and tips with us for a week.

Whatever discipline you wish to improve in, it is possible to book a private lesson, alone or in a group (maximum 4 people).

Follow the club's latest news to find out when it will be coming next.

Places are limited, so reservations are essential.

It is also possible to reserve a place at Veronique's table for a friendly and relaxed lunch.


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