Chérimont - Domain

Cherimont Adventure Way!

For more than 25 years, the Château de Chérimont team has been welcoming you and offering you a wide range of active leisure activities.
Initially intended for off-road practice, the offer quickly diversified with the addition of shooting sports.

Today, Chérimont, on a 45 hectare estate, is a leading adventure center in Belgium
with a range of activities and services such as:

  • Shooting: 14 courses Compak Sporting, Hunting Course, English Sporting, Skeet, ZZ propellers, Shooting School...
  • 4x4: 25 km of trails, Driving School, Chérimont Off Road Race...
  • Paintball, Archery, Field Target, Arrow Combat, Arc Trap...
  • A la carte events for groups and companies
  • Club House and Restaurant
  • Pro Shop

Our ecological commitment

The respect of the environment is at the center of Chérimont's preoccupations and we are concerned with the preservation of the fauna and flora in general, and of the ecosystem of the domain in particular.

Toward this end, following legal provisions or based on our own initiative, a series of actions have been integrated in a global policy of sustainable development:

  • Exclusive use of cartridges with steel shot
  • Use of eco-resin and plant resin clays to avoid the residual presence of PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) in the soil
  • Replace conventional alkaline batteries with rechargeable batteries, mainly in the many Clay Shooting remote controls
  • Sorting of waste and use of specific garbage cans in order to send them to a specialized treatment plant (casings, PMC, cardboard, household waste...)
  • Using chickens to reduce biodegradable waste

The results are there! The conclusions of a recent soil study commissioned by Chérimont, through eighty drillings and samples, reveals that pollution is minimal.

Concerning the wildlife, if it is true that clay shooting is a noisy activity, they don't seem to be too bothered by it. One could even say that they have adapted to it! For proof the presence of wild boar (for proof the wide spread damage they cause) deer, squirrels and many other species.

There's always something going on in Cherimont

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