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Chérimont Off Road

Chérimont Off Road is one of the most beautiful sites in Europe especially dedicated to off-road fans.

In a 45 hectares domain, kilometers of tracks await you for an authentic driving experience on a technical and demanding course.

Accessible to beginners as well as the more experienced, Chérimont Off Road offers a vast area with forest trails, mud pits, steep slopes and much more.

Owner or not of a 4x4 car, quad, ATV (all terrain vehicle) or buggy, you are welcome for a session of off-road, dizzying slopes, quagmires and rocky passages.

One weekend per month (see calendar) the off-road domain is open to all. It's the perfect opportunity to test your limits and meet other off-road enthusiasts during a weekend full of challenges and emotions.

See you at the Off Road Café, the club house located at the foot of the slopes, for a snack, a cold drink or a friendly meal on Saturday evening. Depending on the length of the weekend, several meals will be offered.

For experienced off-roaders, Chérimont Off Road organize each year the Cherimont Off Road Race. This is an unmissable event, reserved for a limited number of national and international crews.

Whatever your level,
Chérimont Off Road is for you!
There's always something going on in Cherimont

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