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Chérimont Off Road Driving School

Chérimont Off Road Belgium is available for booking 7 days a week for initiations, perfecting, excursions and group incentives.

Whether you are alone, with your family, friends or colleagues, come and discover the techniques of driving an all-terrain vehicle.

Supervised by an instructor, we introduce you to the pleasures of driving on board one of our Land Rovers.

On the program: climbs, descents, overhangs, bridge crossings, finding grip and quagmires.

To come !
A course dedicated to learning and perfecting special techniques with a view to certification is currently being developed. Soon, we will be able to offer you customized training.


After the welcome, you will attend the briefing on the practice of off-roading.
Then comes the practical course where you are initiated to the different crossing techniques. Avoid the traps and make your way on a unique course in Wallonia.

Duration of the formula : 2h
Number of people per vehicle: maximum 3 + 1 instructor


On board your "own" vehicle or on one of our 4x4s, we offer à la carte training programs with experienced instructors specialized in different brands.

Your choice (maximum 2 themes):

The characteristics and equipment of an all-terrain vehicle

  • Tires, transmission, safety, terminology

Types of terrain and adhesion

Crossing techniques

  • Uphill, downhill, slopes / ditches / embankments / steps, bridge crossings, sloughs, fords


Maintenance of the 4x4

Duration of the formula : 4h
Number of people per vehicle: maximum 3 + 1 instructor

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