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Our Chérimont Event Team works hard every day to ensure that we aim for the right balance and reach the heart of our target audience.

Ask us for our complete catalog for a detailed range of activities and services offered by the Domaine of Castle Chérimont.

As an example, here are some formulas that have already made us successful.

Please note that the following budgets are indicative, excluding VAT and may vary depending on the timing and number of participants.

Professional or private, contact us to obtain a personalized offer, established according to your expectations and desiderata.

Meeting and funMeeting + lunch + 1 activity
from € 85
Arrow Combat1h activity with min. 10 and max. 16 people
from € 295
Introduction to 4x4 driving1 vehicle, 2 hours, 3 people max
from € 295
Shooting PartyLunch + Sports shooting
from € 75
Target Sports Dicsovery3 hours to discover the shooting sport
from € 50
Family DaySpecial large group, family, ...
from € 55
Highlanders of BonnevilleHighland Games
from € 35
Target Sports2 hours of Paintball, Laser Game, Arrow Combat
from € 29
Introduction to Shooting in the ClaysAll inclusive
from € 35
Archery Discovery3h activity, 5 disciplines with max. 10 people.
Initiation + ArcTrap + Bow Golf + Flag Shooting + Arrow Combat
package € 295
extra person. € 29
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