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Chérimont Paintball

Whatever the scenario, Chérimont Paintball will put each player to the test, testing their skills as well as teamwork, communication and bravery.

Chérimont Paintball is the ideal place for groups, bachelor/bachelorette parties, an outing with friends or a corporate activity.

On nearly 20,000 m2, in a natural area with varied relief, with many obstacles and hiding places (bunkers, watchtowers, trenches, various sceneries, ...), the site offers paintball players of all levels, an exciting and stimulating experience.

Upon arrival, you will be briefed on the rules of the game and safety. Players learn how to use the paintball equipment provided and different game techniques. The equipment is then distributed to the participants and each is fitted out. The game can then begin under the watchful eye of an instructor who is constantly on the lookout to maintain a fun and safe environment.

For an optimal experience, some precautions must be respected in order to practice this sport safely and serenely: wearing a specific mask, minimum shooting distance, not aiming at the face, ...

Totally biodegradable, the beads are formed of a rigid shell made of gelatin and starch in which a liquid composed of water, food coloring and animal or rapeseed fat is introduced.

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