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Choice of activity or all-in formula

You will find here all the activities that you can program for your guests at the Domaine du Château de Chérimont.

These "all in" formulas include the organization, the setting up, the material, the possible protective equipment (helmets, caps, masks,...), the consumables and the supervision and animation team. Browse through the many proposals and choose, combine, insert this or that playful activity during your afternoon or day. With these different activities, you are sure to get a personalized, dynamic and varied program, ensuring the success of your event at Château de Chérimont!
Cherimont Adventure Way
We are also at your disposal for any particular request. Do not hesitate to ask us, we will be happy to answer them.

Combinations of activities: if the "Tir aux Clays" and the 4x4 can be programmed as a single activity, for the other activities, choose a combination of at least 2 activities. For a full day: count on about 6 activities.
For an afternoon: select 4 to 5 activities.


Clay Shooting

Shooting in the Clays, an Olympic sport, is ideal for a recreational and relaxing moment that will make you lose track of time, in the middle of nature and in the greatest safety.

Arctrap - sporting arrow

The ArcTrap, also called Sporting Arrows, is the equivalent of Clayshooting, but with an arrow bow!

Field target (air shooting)

Alternative, dynamic and fun precision shooting, Field Target is the latest international sport shooting discipline. It has quickly gained worldwide popularity.


Experience this breathtaking shooting at small targets with a blowgun, the favorite weapon of South American Indians.

Knife throwing and shuriken

Participants first learn the basics before attempting to plant the various knives, styli and the famous shuriken, the Ninja star, in the center of the target.

YOU.FO is the new, unique and challenging sports game in which an aerodynamic ring is thrown and caught with a specially designed stick. A hybrid game that lies between disciplines such as Lacrosse or Ultimate Frisbee!


A variation of ArcTrap, Flashing-Ball is a discipline that consists of using a paintball air rifle to shoot balls at a moving foam target.

archery discovery

Opt for our great animation offering 5 archery activities: Initiation, Arrow Combat, ArcTrap, Flag Shooting and Bow Golf. 

Target Sport Discovery 1

Mixed formula to discover a selection of 5 different precision shooting practices: Clays, ArcTrap, Sarbacane, Knife Throwing and Field Target 

Target Sport Discovery 2

Same formula as the previous one but without the Clays shooting. Discovery of 4 precision shooting practices: ArcTrap, Sarbacane, Knife Throwing and Field Target 

4x4 initiation

You start alone with an instructor who shows you how to use the 4x4 in a crossing situation, then it's up to you to take the wheel under the instructor's guidance.

Buggy ride (B permit required)

These little two-seaters are equipped with a roll cage and safety harnesses. They are as maneuverable as a go-kart and a lot of fun to drive on a cross-country trip.

Quad biking (B license required)

Our quad trails are specially adapted for group rides. Under the supervision of a professional instructor, participants are introduced to the basics of off-road driving before being able to enjoy the tight curves, hard passages and rugged terrain of the track.

blind pilotage (b permit required)

Aboard our automatic Range Rover, the guests, accompanied by an instructor, will have to show their skills by driving blindfolded on a circuit traced between cones and various markers.


It is a unique experience to guide these magical machines simply by letting yourself go in the desired direction!


On nearly 10.000 m², in a natural space with varied relief, with many obstacles and hiding places (bunkers, constructions, trenches,...), the site offers to the players, of all levels, an exciting and stimulating experience.

Laser game

Laser Game has become one of the most popular shooting games. Enter the arena and eliminate your opponents one by one during +/- 20 minutes fights.

Arrow combat

Armed with your bow, follow in Katniss' footsteps, enter the world of The Hunger Games and, as a team, fight your opponents to the last survivor!

Disc golf

Directly inspired by golf, Disc Golf or Frisbee Golf is played on a large field surrounded by trees where courses are defined.

The bridge of beams

Using boards, beams and logs that are not always very stable, the team must cover a distance without touching the ground.

Formula highlander games of bonneville

In the spirit of the famous Scottish competitions, the Highland Games, based in particular on tests of strength, confront your colleagues, your friends, your family, in the middle of nature on the Domaine du Château de Chérimont.

  • Trunk Throwing
  • The Bag Race
  • The Joust of the Stilt Walkers
  • The Rolling Stone
  • The Bridge of Beams
  • The Shooting of the Flag
  • Le Relais du Scotch

Bubble soccer

And if, for a moment, it was possible to play soccer without limits, without restraint and without danger.

This is what Bubble Soccer offers by placing the upper body and head of each player in a huge protective bubble. Now, all shots are allowed.

Mini Games

This series of activities offers a multitude of simple and entertaining games for all ages: unicycle, stilt-walking, tug-of-war, sack race, egg bowls, circus games, sumo wrestling, ...

Stilt Joust

The Namur region has always been famous for its stilts, which allowed the inhabitants to cross the Meuse or the swamps, which are abundant in the valley.

Perched on these funny long sticks, after having acquired balance, try to complete our course as quickly as possible.

Kick Bikes

On a circuit traced in the woods overlooking the castle, the guests, standing on these amazing scooters, must complete a loop as quickly as possible, by the sole force of arms and calves.

Death ride

A sensational event par excellence, our zip line will take you from a cliff and fly over the black lake.

Initiation or magic show

Magician, illusionist and prestidigitator, Elfin takes you to a world of dreams, surprises and emotions.

1 minute to win it

Quick and easy to play, the "1 Minute to Win It" games are ideal for stimulating moments, at any age, individually or in teams.

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