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Chérimont Archery

Coming soon and on reservationThe Chérimont site will allow archery enthusiasts to practice some of the many disciplines practiced outdoors.

Discover this ancestral sport in the middle of nature under the guidance of our instructors. In initiation, equipped with recurve bows (classic) or longbow (with pulley), you will try to hit the center of our targets of big dimension 1,22 x 1,22 m.

You will then try to hit our life-size 3D dummy game: bear, wolf, fox, deer or carp! Reach the "kill" zone to get full points or receive a malus if you hit a "wounding zone".

Target Shooting

It is an Olympic discipline which is practiced at a distance of 70 m on a 1.22 m blazon.

The distance is reduced for the "young" categories: 60 m for the cadets, 40 m for the minimes and 30 m for the benjamins. For these last two categories, the blazon is reduced to 80 cm.

Compound bows are shot at 50 m on a 80 cm blazon.

Field Shooting

This international discipline is practiced on uneven terrain in the open or in undergrowth, on a course of 24 targets, the distances of which are: 12 known and 12 unknown.

Known distances range from 5 to 60 m, unknown distances from 10 to 55 m for both compound and classical bows. The archer shoots a volley of three arrows per target, for a total of 72 arrows.

Nature shooting

Nature shooting is a course of targets placed at varying distances (5 to 40 m) which is practiced in the open air. The targets are animal images with a "killed" and a "wounded" area. On each target, the archer must evaluate the distance and shoot 2 arrows, each arrow being shot from a different shooting point.


3D shooting gets its name from the fact that the archer does not shoot at a two-dimensional representation, but at a replica of an animal. The idea is to get closer to a hunting situation where you have to find the optimal shooting window.


Like William Tell, equipped with one of our compound crossbows, you shoot your shots in "Long Range" thanks to our different posts spread out in the castle garden.

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